About Us

World renowned for over 30 years

 The Mary and Jim White Unit for the Care of People with Huntington’s Disease  at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center provides a much needed place of respite to the many individuals suffering with HD who require quality care outside the home and serves as a lifeline to families facing the challenges of HD.  

Raising funds to raise the quality of life for our residents

For over 30 years, the The Spirit of the Season has been led by the family of Mary and Jim White, in honor of Jim and daughter Liz who both called the Cooke Center home. In their memory, and in honor of the 49 residents who currently reside there (and those on the waiting list), we raise funds to make a difference in their lives.

"I love my new home. Thank you for making this possible"

Your donations make many things possible. Our residents are at vairous stages of illness, and require care that goes beyond what can be offered at home. Turning the Cooke Center into a home and respecting the dignity of our residents cannot be done without you!

New TVs for the Day Rooms

Our residents will enjoy these new TVs for watching their favorites together and the Staff will use them for games and activities. Thanks to your donations we are modernizing thier home! 

A Trip Outside the Unit to Enjoy NYC!

Our residents can't wait for sponsored excursions as for many this is their only opportunity to leave the building. We can rent specialty buses thanks to you.  Recent trips include dinner at City Island (with food donated by a sponsor) and a ride on the Circle Line.