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Pope Francis welcomes HD families


Our HD Unit is part of the Papal Audience to recognize Huntington's Disease: May 18, 2017

"For far too long, the fears and difficulties that characterize the life of people affected by Huntington’s Disease have surrounded them with misunderstandings and barriers, veritably excluding them. In many cases the sick and their families have experienced the tragedy of shame, isolation and abandonment. Today, however, we are here because we want to say to ourselves and all the world: “HIDDEN NO MORE!”, “OCULTA NUNCA MAS!”, “MAI PIU’ NASCOSTA!”. 

          Pope Francis          

For more information on this event please see www.hddennomore.com

HD Unit featured in Catholic Health World

"ArchCare offers residential care for people with Huntington's"       December 1, 2017   link 

Breakthrough may stop the disease


Dec. 11, 2017

Read about one of the biggest breakthroughs in Huntington’s disease since the discovery of the HD gene in 1993,    

Keep the researchers and trail patients in your prayers.  A cure in our lifetime is possible!      link